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Cloud Kingdoms CD and Urban Fable CD bundle

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Audio CD

Title: Cloud Kingdoms

Artist: Spiral

Release Date: 01/04/2014

Number of Discs: 1


1. Golden Afternoon

2. Black Dwarf

3. Cloud Kingdoms

4. Malleus Maleficarum

5. Chasing Tails

6. Moscow

7. Sweet and Sour

8. Eris

9. Raw

10. Knives and Affection

11. Maybe We Could Become Giants


Cloud Kingdoms is the second studio album from polish rock band Spiral. Album features 11 songs that represent fusion of numerous music genres like dream pop, post rock, post metal, trip hop or ambient. Lead single from the album was released on February 2, 2014. Watch animated video clip of the song!

Spirals debut LP album released in 2009. Very well received concept album.
Every song on this album tells a chapter from a whole story. Story about Girl, which Brother has been kidnapped by evil Gargoyles and led to the evil Cathedral in the centre of the City.

Girl rushes to the rescue with a help of Golem and the Cat.


Duration: 41:09


1 The City 3:29

2 It’s Gone 2:32

3 Golem And The Cat 4:34

4 Madhatter’s Tea 6:15

5 Through The Cellar Door 1:32

6 Orange Tree 5:14

7 Digital Whales 2:56

8 Cathedralworm part I 2:06

9 Cathedralworm part II 5:08

10 White Feathers From The Sky 7:18

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